Commissioner Barker: Right timing, right people, and right opportunity

Commissioners Alex Rowe, Frederico Guanais, and Pierre Barker on a panel about quality improvement at scale during the inception meeting of the HQSS Commission.

By Commissioner Pierre Barker

I could not be more enthusiastic about the emergence of the Lancet Global Health Commission on High Quality Health Systems in the SDG Era and really honored to be part of this highly talented and influential group of 30 global health experts.

The Commission’s timing is prescient. There is an increasing awareness that health system quality has been neglected in the urgent efforts to achieve universal health coverage. Also, there is increasing interest and hope in the potential of modern implementation methods to get better results from the limited resources that are available to low and middle income countries. The Commission has an important opportunity to describe the state of global health quality, describe better ways to measure what matters – both measurement of quality at a national level, and practical measurement for quality at a district and facility level, and to provide practical guidance to governments on how they might organize and deploy quality strategies. An exciting angle of the Commission is its commitment to placing the patient and public voice at the center of the definition of quality and as its primary target for improving quality. Quality will be ultimately judged by what matters most to the patient and the public.