Adriana Ramirez, Researcher: Part 1. Flashback to Bootcamp

By HQSS researcher Adriana Ramirez

In early January, the HQSS research secretariat underwent a three-week “Commission Bootcamp”. While we didn’t run drills or do pushups, our intensive planning and preparation workshop certainly helped us shape up for the Commission analytic work ahead. We tackled PubMed, wrangled EndNote, and used Stata to query text. Over the course of three weeks, we conducted literature reviews to understand and give definition to existing quality literature in low- and middle-income countries, and we began brainstorming possible analyses for the Commission. Most importantly, this intensive period created a space for students and researchers to collaborate and problem solve. It improved my own understanding of quality of care in health systems and the many challenges of this line of work. By the end of Bootcamp, we knew a great deal more of what was out there but also how to move forward from the Bootcamp experience towards the work of the Commission.

From a student perspective, Bootcamp was one of the most intensive learning periods of my time at the Harvard School of Public Health. Professionally, as a surgical trainee with an interest in health system performance and policy impact evaluation of surgical services, Bootcamp and the HQSS Commission has given me a framework for how to begin thinking about quality of care in the future.