Emilia Ling and Anna Gage: Our three month update

It has been just over three months since our inception Commission meeting in March. Since then, Commissioners, the HQSS secretariat, and National Commissions have been busy compiling data and conducting analyses to better understand, measure, and improve quality across low and middle-income countries.

On Monday, July 10th, working group chairs, research leads, and the research secretariat convened in Boston to discuss the Commission’s overall progress. This meeting served as an opportunity to discuss research activities across the four working groups and helped the team identify areas for growth and further analyses.

It was invigorating to see how much progress our colleagues had accomplished in just three months. Some highlights:

  • Working group 1 is synthesizing data from more than eight multi-country datasets to describe the quality of care across 10 conditions and 3 platforms in low and middle-income countries.
  • Working group 2 has developed a typology of measurement and is currently reviewing global, cross-national, and national measurement tools
  • Working group 3 is studying established and emerging quality improvement approaches, including accreditation, service delivery redesign, and demand generation
  • Working group 4 is exploring accountability mechanisms and patient experiences of vulnerable groups, including mental health patients and individuals in humanitarian settings

Our meeting also highlighted several key areas for further thought:

  1. Universal Health Coverage (UHC): How can nations ensure that coverage increases through the provision of quality care services for all citizens? Are there – and should there be – minimum quality standards?
  2. User perspective and patient voice: Patient centeredness requires greater patient voice and engagement. How can we integrate patient voice in the Commission?
  3. Business case for quality: How can we compel and engage private providers to give quality care?

Do you have thoughts on how these ideas could be incorporated into the Commission’s work? If so, please join the conversation on Twitter @HQSSCommission or comment below.