HQSS Bellagio Forum

From June 4-8 we met with a group of senior policymakers and advocates from countries, multi-lateral and bi-lateral organizations and foundations for a rich set of discussions around the Commission’s findings. Set at the Rockefeller Foundation Center in beautiful Bellagio, Italy, we previewed the key highlights of the report and discussed how to move from evidence to action on several themes. WHO Director General Dr. Tedros sent a video to open the meeting and express support for this agenda, which you can view here.

There was a lot of appetite and enthusiasm at the meeting for the sort of transformational shifts in health system quality that the Commission is proposing. Participants agreed that health system quality is a crucial determinant of health and needs to be strongly embedded in UHC efforts in order for these efforts to generate desired health outcomes. We delved into specifics on four big ideas for action: rethinking quality measurement, igniting population demand for quality, redesigning service delivery, and creating national quality guarantees. The result of the meeting was a declaration endorsing some of the reports key ideas, which will be released alongside the report on September 6.

For me, one of the most exciting aspects of the meeting was to see how much the work of the Commission is resonating in different contexts. One popular refrain was that this cannot just be a quality moment, but the start of a movement. Poor quality is in many places pervasive, but even where quality is generally good there are still often pockets of poor quality that disproportionately serve the poor. In order to create lasting change that reaches all parts of society, we need a health care quality revolution.

About the Author

Anna Gage is the HQSS Commission Study Coordinator. You can read her full bio by clicking on the “about the author” link above.