National Commissions


National Commissions focus on describing, measuring, and suggesting improvements for health system quality within their specific country focus. These commissions will help organize national work on quality, contribute to the overall findings of the global Commission, and build analytic capacity for quality measurement and analysis within countries.

We have established a number of National Commissions around the world.  Check back frequently for new updates about the progress of these National Commissions.


Under the direction of global commissioner Ezequiel Garcia Elorrio, a group of 10 professionals from the academia, public, and private sectors is meeting regularly.  The Argentinian Quality Group has been using a participatory method to review the Global Commission’s quality framework to identify focus areas for Argentina.


Ethiopia has identified 13 commissioners to advance the quality agenda in the country under the direction of global commissioner Dr. Ephrem T. Lemango. The commission is focussing its work on analyzing the wealth of data recently collected by the country to diagnose the quality of care across several services including antenatal care, delivery, sick child care and family planning. The analyses will also examine the equity of high quality care available across key dimensions such as wealth.


Minister of Health Dr. José Narro Robles formed the Mexican Commission in May of 2017.  Led by Dr. Sebastián García Saisó, Director General of Quality and Education in Health at the Ministry of Health and coordinated by global Commissioner Svetlana Doubova, the Commission includes researchers and high-level officials from multiple institutions. The initial aims of the Commission include advancing methods for the measurement of effective coverage of healthcare and reviewing measures of quality currently employed across the the multiple components of the Mexican healthcare sector.


The Nepal National Commission launched on Thursday, October 5th.  Chaired by Amit Aryal and Professor Ramesh Kant Adhikari, they are exploring ways to use their country experience with macro-level improvement strategies to draw lessons for the global community.


The Philippine Commission on High Quality Health Systems is led by Undersecretary Lilibeth David (chair) and  Oscar Picazo (co-chair). They are gathering data on local health system performance and quality of care, which will be used to perform comparative analyses with the health systems of other countries. 


The Senegal National Commission was formed under the direction of global commissioner Dr. Youssoupha Ndiaye on July 27, 2017. The current focus of this commission is analyzing primary care quality in Senegal using the Service Provision Assessment data.  Their initial results will be used in an application to the Global Financing Facility.

South Africa

The South Africa National HQSS Commission was approved by Minister of Health Dr. Aaron Motsoaledi in April 2017 and was convened and officially launched by global HQSS Commissioner and Director General for Health, Ms. Malebona Precious Matsoso, on May 12, 2017.

The South Africa National HQSS Commission is chaired by Professor Lizo Mazwai (Office of Health Standards Compliance) and Professor Olive Shisana (Evidence Based Solutions, South Africa). The commission is comprised of 15 experts from the public and private sectors, universities, training and research institutions, patient advocacy groups, statutory bodies, and quality assurance and health systems organizations. The complete list of national commissioners can be found here.


The Tanzania National Commission is composed of 18 members from various government offices and development offices.  Led by Co-chairs Drs. Mohamed Mohamed and Ntuli Kapologwehe, the Tanzania National Commission has started by analyzing how quality of care is distributed throughout the country using the 5 star rating assessment baseline data.