Working Groups

Working group 1: Definition and description

Working group 1 will propose a conceptual framework, measure quality for sentinel SDG conditions, and describe the burden of low quality. Globally, the quality of care has been under-looked in LMICs. This has an substantial impact on health and mortality:

Substantial efforts have been made to improve care for select conditions during the Millennium Development Goals era, and now the Sustainable Development Goals era. The following articles take a look at how the quality of care for these conditions has fared:

Working group 2: Measurement

Working group 2 will review measures of clinical effectiveness and patient experience, propose indicators of effective coverage, and develop the next generation facility survey. First start learning about quality measurement by reading this seminal paper:

Since Donabedian’s work, there have been numerous research efforts to better measure quality. Below are some new and innovative measures of quality that we think are particularly relevant to our work:

Working group 3: Improvement

Working group 3 will review evidence on structural approaches for quality improvement, and develop typology of local contexts matched to potential quality improvement solutions. How do current quality improvement efforts fare?

There is still a long way to go for improving quality. Why we need to look beyond utilization to quality improvement:

Working group 4: Ethics and equity

Working group 4 will explore the right to good quality care in the era of universal health coverage, and describe the equity of quality care. What does the current equity distribution of quality care look like?