Malebona Precious Matsoso

Malebona Precious Matsoso, LLM, is the Director General of the National Department of Health since June 2010 to date. She has more than 20 years work experience at executive management level. She has held leadership positions at national and international level for large international organization in key strategic leadership positions, covering areas of public health policy and program development; ethics and research. She has extensive knowledge and experience with developing countries, the United Nations system, high levels of governments, and other key institutions.

She was the Director at the World Health Organisation (WHO) responsible for the implementation of the Global Strategy and Plan of Action Prior to this she was the Director of Technical Cooperation for Essential Drugs and Traditional Medicine. She has published various articles and authored book chapters. She has been appointed to various advisory bodies both nationally and internationally. She has been a member of the WHO Executive Board and was a chairperson thereof. She was recently appointed as a member of a High Level Panel on Health Technologies of the United Nation. This panel comprise of eminent leaders from the public and commercial worlds, tasked with making recommendations to the UN on how the future of Health Technologies innovation can be balanced with access for all in line with SDG3. Ms Matsoso was also appointed as Chairperson of the Independent Oversight and Advisory Committee of the World Health Organisation’s Emergencies Programme, to provide oversight and monitoring of the development and performance of the programme, including its financing.