About Us

The Commission

The Lancet Global Health Commission on High Quality Health Systems in the SDG Era (HQSS Commission) is a group of 30 academics, policymakers, and health system stakeholders from 18 countries. The HQSS Commission will review current knowledge, produce new empirical work, and offer policy recommendations in a report to be published in late 2018 and associated publications.

The focus of the HQSS Commission is health system quality in low and middle income countries. Our work is centered on people: improving their quality of care and the value they derive from the health system.


Guided by the values of originality, rigor, policy-relevance, transparency, and respect for local contexts and actors, the HQSS Commission has the following aims:

  1. Define health system quality
  2. Describe the quality of care for sentinel SDG conditions in LMICs and its equity
  3. Propose tractable measures of quality
  4. Identify structural approaches to improve quality

A quality health system is for everybody. Our work will be underpinned by an exploration of the ethical dimensions on quality, including the right to quality health care.

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